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    Every day, our lives are full of events that matter to us. Some of these events become newsworthy that they get reported or featured in a newspaper, news periodical, journal, magazine and the like.

    The internet provides us the news in digital form, and this news is archived for people to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But the internet only happened very recently -- not soon enough for many people. Countless newsworthy events have already occurred and were already reported in print years ago -- even before the internet was born. And some of the news archives only go back to early 2000's, and maybe as far back as late 1990's.

    News possesses power. It affects our lives -- but only if it can reach a multitude of people for as long as they can access it. Printed news in the past only had its influence until the next publication of the medium, and then it gets discarded into oblivion. serves as our portal for newsworthy events that made an impact on our lives -- on our own world, as we view it. We put your news in digital form for generations to treasure.

    Come see how our past influences our present and future.

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    We present to you how media report and how they cover the news.
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    News possesses power, with direct or indirect impact on our lives.
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    "NEWS is any report or communication of recent events or
    previously unknown information to a third-party or mass audience,
    that may have a specified influence or effects.
    It is anything that's newsworthy..."

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    There have been more than 279879182 events that have happened around you that you could've shared your views on since you loaded this page. These events have either direct or indirect effects on you and your family.

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